Friday, January 23, 2015

Trade Summary: Booze and "burgers"

Closed 2 positions today: MCD (McDonalds) and DEO (Diaego)

The MCD trade was closing the call spread I had added in addition to my "standard" put-spread.  I'm still holding the put spread.

The call spread was opened for a credit of $0.33/c and closed for a debit of $0.078.
Duration 43 days
77% capture (after commissions)
42% rate of return (annualized)
5% Return on Equity

DEO: (no further positions remain, will re-establish on the next bad-news or down market day)
Bull Put spread:
Opened for a credit of $0.75/c
Closed for a debit of $0.25/c
61% capture (after commissions)
167% ROR
11% ROE

Stay HUNGRY my friends.

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