About me, 2011

Welcome to yet another opinionated finical get rich quick type blog!  First off, let me introduce myself.  I'm a thirty-something proud father of a toddler who's so busy he wipes us both out.  He was born in October, 2010.  I have few liabilities except of course for the inevitable rent, phone, internet, food, insurance etc, and I have a VERY modest to sometimes non-existent income.

I'm no business school graduate. I did however go to various universities for both undergrad and masters studies and did leave with pieces of paper that no employer would ever care about.  I am an artist by trade in both visual and aural fields.  One thing I wish I had learned was some marketing skills.  I can't market myself for beans!  If I could I wouldn't have enough free time to write this blog so my fail is your win.

As for my financial skills, you probably want to know what sets me apart from the rest? Thanks to my starving artist income and demands on my time, I have plenty of time to research, read, watch and learn what works and what doesn't.  The goal of this blog (aside from fortune and glory) is to try and help the novice investor learn enough about investing so they can stabilize his/her income, save for retirement or many of the other life milestones.

As I'm from Canada, my advice will be most useful to the Canadian investor.  Your country might have similar offerings or you might have access to the markets of which I speak thanks to your brokerage.  But the key difference will be about taxation, and how your investing activities effect your taxable income.  (Or the lack thereof)

I will generally try to refrain from naming individual stock picks as a "pick of the week" or pick of the month primarily because no company has bribed me to do this yet.  If/when that happens I will most certainly let you know that this is a bribed placement, and I will of course spare no jab, tort and barb for their blissful and shameless acceptance of capitalism.  I do plan on listing a full disclosure at some point so if/when I achieve financial blogging stardom you won't have to wonder if I'm on the take.  You will KNOW I am! 

Lastly, I of course can not assume any liability from this blog whatsoever.  If you decide to follow my advice then do so at your own risk.  I have picked winners and I have picked miserable failures.  If you decide to take action based solely on my writings I can not be held accountable for your losses.  I will of course tell you (the readers) about my wins and losses and I would be happy to hear from you and answer any of your questions, but remember, you can't pin your losses on me!  I am NOT a licensed adviser nor do I ever plan on doing that.  I don't need more skills I can't market!

Thanks for listening!

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