my humble holdings

Current long STOCK positions:  As of November 4th, 2014

ARR.un Pure Industrial REIT
AP.un Allied Properties REIT
BEP.un Brookfield Renewable Energy
BNS Scotiabank
CNQ Canadian National Resources
CSH.un Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT
CPG Cresent Point Energy
DH Davis and Henderson
ENB Enbridge 
ESL Enghouse Limited
FAS Direxxion 3x bull US financials (yes this is crazy I know)
NWH.un National Healthcare REIT
SNC SNC Lavalin
SU Suncor
T Telus
TD Toronto Dominion Bank

Current OPTION positions: (These come and go, may not always have them open)
Positions typically can be short puts, bull put spreads, the occasional long put or call, and some straddles and strangles.

YUM Yum Foods
HSY Hershey
XOM Exxon Mobile
TWTR Twitter
QCOM Qualcomm
SBUX Starbucks
MA Mastercard
DIS Disney
AAPL Apple Computers
MG Magna Autoparts
PFE Pfeizer
MSFT Microsoft
BAC Bank of America
CL Colegate Palmolive
GOOGL Google
And more... This stuff is always in flux.