Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trading summary: I'm a blogging slacker

Catching up:

I made my $MCD position a short iron condor by adding a bear call spread on top:

And today I added spreads on YUM and XOM.  YUM has been good to me.  My short strike is lower than it's been in the past 2 years.  Should be easy to hold.

XOM however, I'm hoping oil is near it's bottom.  But it could fall more.  That said, the premiums are rich considering how little XOM has moved in response to a 45% crash in the market price.

Also shown are closing some short puts and a cover call.  Lost a bit on the CC.  I want to keep the shares and I don't want to have to roll it forever.  The premiums on this particular REIT are SUPER thin and very illiquid.  I was hoping to juice my returns, but I'm impatient and didn't want to risk losing more than $20.  ($23 including comms).

The AVO short puts worked out nicely for an annualized ROR of 18%.

Stay HUNGRY my friends.

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