Thursday, February 28, 2013

MONEY: blogger re-habilitation challenge

This post I'm hoping with your help (the PF blogging community) will help me (and my family).

What do we want to accomplish?

Well, for pretty much my entire adult life, (aside from my early 20s) I've been in a constant state of denial.  Almost never going for food or drinks, not once taking a real vacation anywhere, and not pretty much not living. So I guess I'm really trying to live a little.

I've been feeling down in the dumps lately.  Partly because the professional situation for me has been dismal as of late.  I've pretty much recorded several of my worst months on record for lack of professional income.

Mind you, I've managed to INCREASE my net-worth during MOST of those months, in spite of my complete lack of gigs.

This will be the first month in the past 6 where my net worth hasn't increased.

So did I mess up?  No, not really.  I did have to buy some forced upgrades as my computer died, and I really do need one to stay in business.  And sadly, no $400 laptop will fill my need.  I need something with enough oompf to be able to handle the TBs of data required.  So I would up spending $1200 for a new NAS (9TB data backup box) and $4500 on the computer.  With any luck, I'll be able to upgrade every 3 years.  Without a computer this beefy I wouldn't be able to deliver any content.  I could still manage my music gigs, but they have been few and far between lately.

So I can hear you shaking your heads...  I have no income, my cash-flow is horribly in the red, my debts have been forced up because of the new computer purchase and here I am talking about vacationing.

So I need suggestions folks... How can I feel better?  I currently feel like crap.  I suspect part of my problem is feeling useless and that 25 years of meticulous training and experience is for naught.

At the same time, I'm providing for my family while (save this month and next) increasing my net worth month after month.

So, what should I do?  HELP!


  1. You need to remember that your 25 years of meticulous training and experience is for NOT for nothing. You clearly have some great talents. The winter months can be bad for many people and unfortunately in your freelancing profession you're getting hit hard. I'm sure business will pick up again. If you can't get paid gigs maybe sharing some of your musical talents (for free) might help you feel a little better? Volunteer? Maybe do a gig at a hospital or seniors home to life spirits? Sharing your craft is where you get your joy, not the money it brings in (though nice, and necessary). Maybe try and make some new connections in your industry or look into avenues you haven't pursued before? music lessons? teaching? cooking classes?! Just don't be too hard on yourself!!

  2. When I haven't worked regularly, I found that it's still helpful to keep to a routine. Volunteer, dedicate some time during the day to work, other time towards personal development... it's important to keep busy even when you don't have any income-generating work. Who knows who you might meet while doing something for fun.

  3. Yeah, what Kate wrote. And also if you're confident enough with your options strategy you can maybe look into doing more of that and update your income on your blog to track your progress. I also like to learn a new language or apply for a part time job that's not related to my career, and step out of my comfort zone. Since you have a family I know you probably don't have as much free time as single people, but maybe you can find something fun you can do with family members then.