Friday, September 28, 2012

personal rant/update... I hate budget n' junk.

I hate budgeting.  I'm sure you do too.  Budgeting sucks.

I've lived with poverty-imposed financial austerity for 15+ years.  Eventually (or frequently) things snap and you have to go buy something, go to some restaurant, buy some toys, shoes, cloths, travel... whatever.

There is only so much will-power any one individual can have.  And really... you want it... Why can't you have it?

Now I want a Bugatti Veyron.  But I doubt I'll ever be able to afford one.  I know it's a pipe dream but on that off chance that lotto-ticket comes through then why not?

The truth of the matter is you have to figure out what works for you and what doesn't.  And how you can splurge on yourself while still living within your means.  (Or increasing your means)

Arbitrarily imposing draconian budgetary measures only leads to revolts, guilt, shame, and waste time beating yourself up about it. 

What's the trick?

According to the writers for "The Simpsons" Homer is just too stupid to follow a budget... so he just has to go out and make more money.

I guess I'm too stupid too.  I can't make one, nor can I follow one.  My income is just too erratic.

In the month of October, my professional revenue should be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $0.00.

Yeah, that's right...  NADA... ZILCH.... ZERO!.... UP THE CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE!

So how do you do it?


Invest in things that pay you monthly (like REITs, or other dividend paying companies)

If you don't, then you're just going to be a poverty-stricken, wage-slave your whole, miserable life.

Just remember:

Financial adviser's aren't in it for you
Fees suck
"loads" suck
taxes suck (use your RRSP and TFSA... or own REITs forever in your margin/cash account)
professional help is expensive

Do your own damn research buy some stocks and escape your craptackular basement apartment, cardboard box under the freeway, shanty-town, or cess-pool.

disclaimer: If I were rich I wouldn't be writing this blog...  I wouldn't give a crap about you.  (ok ok... I still would care.  I want to help my friends!)  If you're a stupid idiot and foolishly followed my advice and lost your shirt, house, trailer, truck, or whatever, it's not my fault.  You need to man/woman-up and take responsibility for your own uninformed behaviour.  Why should I take responsibility for YOUR behaviour if you refuse to?  Talk is cheap.  My words are worthless.

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