Thursday, May 10, 2012

The nity gritty

I've fielded a few requests before, and I suppose I should have some neat-o type graph-o-metre on the side of my blog somewhere indicating my current level of monthly gain/loss and/or incomes from my progress.

I have alluded to it in the past on a percentage basis, but as my costs are dramatically different because of where/how I live (object poverty) so percentages might have been too unclear for you to really understand how beneficial doing what I do can be to your monthly income.

GROSS Dividends/distributions/interest = $510.59
NET (after margin expenses) = $331.73.

So that may not sound all that great... but to my starving artist lifestyle it's huge.  Monthly income when sometimes I have none?  It's awesome.

It's always re-invested mind you...  I just draw down my margin when I have a slow month and my work doesn't keep up with my fixed expenses.  Then "re-balance" when necessary.


  1. I net about $260. Most new stocks I bought this year have pretty low distributions. My portfolio is taking a beating these last few months, ouch.

    1. Mine two... but aside from one of my holdings having a setback and reducing their distribution and another holding having a permitting setback, nothing much has changed. My holdings generally trade lock-step with the market but yield 6% regardless.

      But yes, it does feel awful when you see things fall $x,000's per day, day after day.