Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"losses" and losses

If you're like me and you're probably not because if you were you wouldn't be reading my blog.  Ok, ok ok, lets try that again.  If you have taken some of my advice you now probably have a a few humble holdings or a modest selection of not very exciting units/shares and have watched them go down in value as the world seems intent on plunging into more head-spinning turmoil.

The unit values have gone down, so your overall holdings are now worth less than when you started.  Is this a point of concern?  Well, depending on what you bought, it ranges from not really to not at all.  Canada while not completely immune to the world's financial issues is still sitting on the largest bounty of raw materials ON EARTH where freedom, safety and ethics are all a part of the founding principles of this country.  Oil from the other parts of the world (mostly OPEC nations) is all based on systems that haven't progressed since the dark ages.  And to top it all off, the biggest supplier of just so happens to be funding the same extremists groups that are attacking the freedoms of their biggest customers.

Far be it from me to think that it would be a good business practice to be gracious to your best customers and perhaps try to encourage them to keep buying your product by emulating them in some ways?  Nah... lets not bother.  We need some more fat, spoiled princes waddling around who don't know the meaning of a hard day's work, or what it is to have to suffer or struggle just because your family just so happened to be squatting on the right part of desert when the good intentioned folks came by to tell them how much their property is actually worth and offered to pay them to take stuff out of the ground that they never even knew was there nor had any value.  They quickly learned how much their oil was worth though, and how have they used their profits?  Building taller and taller buildings, reclaiming land in the desert to build exclusive residences while exploiting cheap labourers from neighbouring countries.  Hoarding, accumulating, and not really doing anything with it except perhaps keeping working class people uneducated and angry.

Anyway, I digress.  This was not to be a socio-political rant.  Your holdings are secure in Canada.  While we are neighboured by the largest bully on earth who is so oil hungry they will invade (at the drop of a hat) any nation which they deem backward provided of course they have lots of conventional oil bleeding from the ground.  Thankfully our oil is all locked up in sand.  They don't know how to deal with it since the money just doesn't bleed out of the ground and into their pockets.  We have to work for it.  Dig it up.  Clean it up.  And thankfully thanks to the "progress" in the American educational system, they barely even know we exist.  If they do know there's something up there, they think it's just a barren cold wasteland.

So, being where we are in Canada right now, we have the chance to become the next fat, bloated country rich on oil and resource profits.  Buy in now while we have this world turmoil.  in 20-40 years you will thank me.

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